Saturday, December 26, 2009

The joy of giving "handmade" gifts

Well, my girls were delighted with my labors of love.
Megan enjoyed looking through her family recipe book (see my previous post: My daughter's recipe book). I think its purpose will really hit next year when she moves to the big city to live.
Amy was totally surprised and delighted by her camp photo book. It's not often you can sneak something under her radar! There were photos in the book that her teacher had sent me after I emailed him requesting the camp itinerary. As she flicked through the book she kept saying "What's this photo?! WHERE did you get it from?! How did you know?!"
You can view the book here (minus a few pages): Amy's Camp

And both grandmothers were delighted with their mugs sporting Megan's artwork (see How things have changed - or not?!). Neither of the grandmothers realized at first that the mugs sported my daughter's artwork and both thought we'd bought the mugs specifically because the hair style resembled their own wild gray hair!
I may have spend a ridiculous number of hours on these projects, but gosh it's lovely to be able to give a labor of love and be able to see it received with such delight!


  1. Wow, good for you for giving so many handmade projects. I only did a couple of handmade things but they got rave reviews. I have to do more next year. I loved the art work that your dd did and the camp book was crazy awesome. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas.

  2. Fabulous Esther. To give of something you've made yourself, is to give a piece of your heart. So whilst it's just a recipe book to some, or a photo album to another, or a means to a cup of tea for yet another, for those recipients, it's a piece of you that has been given with them. And there's no greater feeling on earth than that.

  3. Your camp book came out beautiful!

  4. I can see by looking at your girls' faces that they love their books. It's so nice when hard work pays off...:)

  5. So okay, when do we get another post from you? hint hint.


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