Saturday, December 1, 2012

Is it December ALREADY?!

Last time I checked it was APRIL!! Oh dear! I went to a conference in August where a presenter said that if you don't post on your blog every couple of days it's pointless having one. I'm doomed then! Are you still there dear reader?!
I've had three photobooks printed since last I posted. I'll have to give you some previews in a future post.

In the meantime here is some scrapping news. Now that it's December the scrapping world is full of great Christmas deals and giveaways. I am very lucky to be on the creative teams of some of the very best designers.

UPDATE 4/5/2013: I'm afraid I lost all the images on this page. I think they linked to places that no longer exist! I've deleted the rest of the post because it's pointless without pics! Sorry :(

Instead, here are some of my 365 Project page from December. The last month was effectively my Daily December project:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Another vacation album in the making...

I've been a little quiet on the blog front - I've keeping my nose to the grindstone working on my summer vacation album. My design process this year was a variation on last year's process. This year I didn't design a theme template. Instead I decided to use a selection of Maplebrook Studio templates with rounded photo masks like these:

I've put the photo masks onto Stapled Photos Layered Templates (I also used these last year - I love the dimension they give).
Then I selected a range of paper packs that had subtle patterns and colors that would work with my photos such as:

I have used each of these paper packs many times already, and I mention these products because...

templates and paper packs are ALL 30% off at Designer Digitals this week!

So if you were thinking of starting a larger project like this, it's an ideal time to do it!
I have also used some favorite kits from Lynn Grieveson, such as Stormy Weather Kit, Wild Weekend Kit, April Morning Kit, and a variety of brushes. A few pages are below, all linked to my DD gallery where you'll find the credits if you want to know more.

So once I'd settled on the basic design, a few templates and paper packs, the rest seems to fall into place fairly quickly. It needs to, because this album is 100 pages long!!
... back to that grindstone... ;)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rain, rain, go away...

Well, what a La Niña we are having!! Here is what has happened at our house:
the overnight rain (and there has been more...)

my youngest daughter's bedroom floor (she had to sleep in her sister's room last night)

the garage ceiling (I had to drill a hole in it to let the water out)

In the 20 years we have lived in our house we have not had such a problem. It seems that the company that installed our solar electricity panels drilled through the roof in inappropriate places and this is the consequence!
Meanwhile the rain continues... The forecast is not good for our nation's capital. Canberra is predicted to get half its yearly rainfall in the next few days. 
Let's hope it does not eventuate!

Monday, February 20, 2012

blog stats and jargon

I love looking at the blog stats. The data collection and analysis fascinate me!
I noticed that a few of my photos have made it to pinterest and I said to my husband that "I'm getting a lot of traffic from pinterest to my blog".

There was no response.

So I asked whether he understood what I just said.
He replied "Not a word! I'm going to bed!"

I had to laugh! That says it all, I think! How the times are changing!! :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guess who I saw...

What an amazing man Rod Stewart is! We had a blast at Hanging Rock yesterday. It is a stunning venue, don't you agree?!
I took my daughter's point-and-shoot camera as a backup to my old Lumix, and I found hers took great shots in the dark!  Here's a little collage of photos of rockin' Rod:
Oh, to have such energy at 67! I hope you had a terrific weekend, too.
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