Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ten things you might not know about me

Britgirl - my amazingly creative friend in the UK - has challenged me to come up with 10 things you didn't know about me. It takes some thinking!
  1. I was an asthmatic child; pale and anaemic. I was hospitalised with pneumonia at 7. It took my parents 15 years to organise themselves to move from the cold, damp town I grew up in to somewhere with a better climate. I have been well ever since!
  2. My great, great grandparents all arrived in Australia between 1840 and 1870 from all over the world. I am about 1/2 English, and the other half is a mix of Swiss-Italian, Cornish, Scottish, Northern Irish, Southern Irish, German and possibly Norwegian.
  3. I met my husband when I joined an amateur athletic club. He competed in many places in Australia and at the World Fire Fighters games in New Zealand and in Las Vegas, USA.
  4. I am a messy, indecisive procrastinator!
  5. I have always looked young for my age. At 21 I could still get children's fares on public transport. I had my first child at 29 and yet people still say to me that I look too young to have a 20 year old daughter.
  6. I have a degree in Geology and Mathematics. I enjoyed the statistical analysis involved in geology. 
  7. I wore my skivvy backwards all day yesterday before I noticed on the way home.
  8. I try to leave a small footprint on the earth. We have a compost bin, a vegetable garden, we dry our clothes on a clothes line, we have solar hot water and recently installed solar panels that can generate 4Kwh (more than we use on a sunny day).
  9. I was christened and confirmed in the Presbyterian Church.
  10. Both of my parents were teachers. Most of their close relatives were teachers, too. Guess what I do for a living!! ;)
Now I tag fellow Aussie scrappers

And just to leave you with a few pages I've scrapped lately. There are some new Roadside Designs templates that are so beautifully clean and simple. You could use them for anything, but I stuck with the original inspiration and scrapped some wedding photos. See, there's a photo of my sisters and me - I'm the eldest. I was 22 when I was married, and I'm more than 3 years older than my next sister.
 credits here
 credits here
 credits here
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