Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some more about my 365 album...

I had a word to Sharon of [ksharonkdesigns] about the template I used. It was an old freebie but I found it worked so well that it was such a pity it was no longer available. She kindly put it back in the shop and added a bonus template. So here it is:
I had modified the template in a few ways:
  • rotated and mirrored the template a number of ways to suit the orientation of the photo.
  • re-sized the 12x12 template to about 7x7.
  • added a mat around the photo to make it the right page size for my Blurb album.
Here are some individual pages from my book:

I love having my photos looking big like this and it was very simple to keep up-to-date with such a simple template design.
I am doing a similar thing this year. I'll show you that in a future post!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My 365 album arrived

Actually it arrived a few weeks ago, bad blogger I am! I printed it with Blurb because that was the only one that allowed anything like 365 pages. In fact Blurb will print to 440 pages. This is an 8x10" book.
I was surprised how compact 365 pages could be. I love my album! My family each sat down and poured over the pages. Then they each told me of the four typos I made!! I figure that if I'm going to aim for perfection I'll never get the book done.
So here it is...
The cover:
The photos are quite vivid:

This is how thick 365 pages looks:

And here is my eldest daughter transfixed:
A very worthwhile project I reckon!
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