Friday, September 17, 2010

Typical Saturdays

I enjoy just relaxing and catching up on Saturdays. We are still busy with an on-going house project - a covered pergola which we are building ourselves. I am the site manager or spectator depending on your point of view. I'm also the official photographer ;)
Last weekend I took a bunch of "typical Saturday" photos which I hope to make into a multi-photo scrap page when I find some inspiration. I really like those photos of everyday life.
It is lovely to take some time out on a Saturday. I have been inspired to scrap a couple of photos from recent weekends.
One was of one of those rare times when my husband and I go to spend some time together away from all the distractions. As the girls are getting older we are able to do this more often.
(template by Roadside Designs from the Sugar Hill Blog Train, papers from Wishing and Hoping Kit by Sabrina's Creations

My youngest has taken to baking all sorts of sweet temptations. I'm not complaining!

(template Crossroads Maps 5 and 6 by Roadside Designs, papers from the Sugar Hill Blog Train)

If you'd like these papers or a couple of Roadside Designs' templates you can grab them yourself THIS Saturday at Sugar Hill. Here's a sneak peak of the entire kit - it is HUGE and very, very SWEET!

What do you have planned this Saturday? Perhaps you could photograph some "typical Saturday" moments.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A possum comes to visit

On Monday one of my colleagues found this scared little fellow wet and cold. He was trying to cuddle up to a pipe in the school corridor. Poor fellow had lost his mother and was much too young to fend for himself!
We thought he looked a bit like Alf - remember Alf?! Anyhow, we wrapped him in teatowels and popped him in a photocopy paper box where it was nice and dark and cozy! We called a lovely lady who does wildlife rescue who came to pick him up and mollycoddle him. She thinks he would only be a few months old.

Anyhow, there's a template challenge on the twolittlepixels blog where you can pick up this template for free:
I used it and a new kit "Wishing and Hoping Kit" which is a collaboration between Sebrina's Creations and Kelley Mickus Designs to create this page of my sweet little visitor:
The template challenge goes for another week, so grab your template and enter for a chance to receive a $5.00 coupon to the RainyDayz store (or don't, and give me a better chance of winning, hah! ;) )
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