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Here are some fun web tools for creating digital scrapbook pages. I've had this on my blog for a while but I thought it was worth expanding and adding some tips and examples. This is a work in progress.
make word clouds
tip: Blend them into your background paper for a subtle effect
chose a color theme from photos
tip: Make a collage of the photos you want to use on a page and let kuler suggest the colors that are common. It is a great way to unite the photos to make an attractive, cohesive page.
free fonts
finds a match fonts
makes aged looking polaroids
online tool with 40 photo effect filters
shape collage
create a collage of photos
tip: The free version has a few limitations
  • it makes a watermark that gets bigger with each attempt so try to get it right first try and place an embellishment or extra photo over the watermark.
  • the image is a little small so you would have to combine a few collages if you wanted to fill a whole page.

Credits here at Designer Digitals
news clipping generator
generates newsclippings (jpg) from your text

transform a photo into a watercolor painting
There are a few watercolor tutorials around, but this one gives the best effect, and be warned, it is addictive!
Here is one of my attempts:

Credits here at Designer Digitals
tip: I have more examples of my experiments here and here.
If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment and I'll add it to my list! :)

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