Saturday, December 1, 2012

Is it December ALREADY?!

Last time I checked it was APRIL!! Oh dear! I went to a conference in August where a presenter said that if you don't post on your blog every couple of days it's pointless having one. I'm doomed then! Are you still there dear reader?!
I've had three photobooks printed since last I posted. I'll have to give you some previews in a future post.

In the meantime here is some scrapping news. Now that it's December the scrapping world is full of great Christmas deals and giveaways. I am very lucky to be on the creative teams of some of the very best designers.

UPDATE 4/5/2013: I'm afraid I lost all the images on this page. I think they linked to places that no longer exist! I've deleted the rest of the post because it's pointless without pics! Sorry :(

Instead, here are some of my 365 Project page from December. The last month was effectively my Daily December project:

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