Friday, September 18, 2015

In a year...

Well, it has been over a year since I last posted here. In that time I've had two trips overseas that I have posted on my travel blog.
I thought it was a good idea to keep my personal and travel blogs separate but now I'm not so sure. What do you think?
Between Facebook and Instagram and blogs and Flickr etc have so many options for keeping in contact with friends it is hard to know which platform to use.
After we returned from Malaysia last year I worked like a crazy thing to create my photo album. I took so many photos that I ended up with not one but two very thick photo books - 350 pages in total!! I printed these with Albumworks, an Australian company.
I went with the full page photo / photo grid spread that I've used the past few trips. It works so well for me. There is NO WAY I could have created 350 individual page designs!!
I've posted some of the pages in my DesignerDigitals gallery
And here is a preview of some of the two page spreads:
I used Cathy Zielske's Six by Eights Layered Template Set No. 01 and No. 2
I rotated them 90 degrees for my landscape book. These templates worked so well for my mix of landscape and portrait photos, it made it so easy to complete my pages quickly.

So now for my most recent trip... I returned from Sri Lanka last week. I did not take nearly as many photos on this trip because my camera failed. That is a whole other story. So since many of my pics were taken on my point-and-shoot camera I thought I'd use this template set. It's a set I've been wanting to use ever since Katie Pertiet first released it in 2009!
And this template set just happens to be on sale right now!

So I'll let you know how it goes. Promise :)


  1. Oh, brilliant to see you pop up in my reader - I've kept you in there, just in case :). And I didn't know you even had another blog. And not being on Instagram ... I can't tell you how much I am sitting here admiring your photobooks! I am in the process of making one right now for my DD for Christmas, of our trip together last year, and am always delighted to find others who are doing/have done the same. I know I have seen some of your lovely work over at designer Digitals, but I will pop over there again this week and take another look. Lovely to see you!

    1. Thanks Alexa! I was hoping I might still have a handful of readers. I am an even worse instagrammer than blogger! :)


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