Tuesday, November 2, 2010


They say a change is as good as a holiday, and heaven knows I'm easily bored. So here are some changes at my place:

computer upgrade

My computer died. It had some malware. I knew the minute that little window popped up saying I had viruses that it was a big fat lie and closed the window. Trick is that closing the window INSTALLS the malware. And then it disables all of the malware detecting software that one has installed on the computer. Whoever makes up these insidious pieces of code?!
So I asked the experts to clean it up for me, and install heaps more RAM and an extra terabyte drive and superfast 64 bit Windows whilst they were at it - turn a negative into a positive, yes?!

another year older

I had a birthday. Not a significant one (that's next year {sigh}), but it was lovely. We celebrated by having dinner out in our new patio on our new table and chairs. My eldest daughter bought me the jug for my birthday. My birthday candle served a dual purpose - it's a citronella candle. I need to stock up on those!

exam time

Middle daughter is studying like crazy for exams. Her determination and disciplin are amazing. She doesn't take after me or her elder sister. She is growing up so fast.

new cupboards

My youngest has complained that she couldn't keep her room tidy because she needed better cupboards. So now she has them!  We shall see if this makes a *real* change to her room!

(credits here)

new CT call at twolittlepixels

And there are changes a-foot at the twolittlepixels digital scrapping site, too. It has a new blog and is putting together a new dynamic team. Here's the call:
Lots of opportunity there! I'll be staying on as one of the site CT members. It's a lovely community.

But I think all that is enough change for me for a while! I'm looking forward to getting back into a groove (with a new computer ;) ).


  1. Oh, so glad you got some good to come out of the bad. Why does your header have a blindfolded woman on it? She can only perceive snippets of the real world?

    The funny things I think of...

  2. I hope that your computer will be fast repaired! I have to format mine but I have no courage;-) and not envy to do without it. With a little of delay: happy birthday ;-) and good courage to your daughter.
    I like very much your page on the new piece of furniture. My son also needed a new cupboard because he missed place but that changed nothing, nothing is tidied up;-)

  3. Ohh, I do like those new white cupboards ... I only wish Ikea goodies came with a automatic installer, so that I didn't have to pretend to be a carpenter! ;)

  4. Lots of changes there Esther. Fun page with the cupboards. I love the real life scrapping like this, it is good to look back on in years to come.

  5. I love this LO !!!
    For computer, mine is going to die in a few times I think. So, I will buy a BIG HUGGGGGE iMac ! (with the CS5 of course ...) so, yes, negative will turn into positive ...! ;-)


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