Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The elusive blue wren

I have tried to photograph superb blue wrens so many times as they move through the yard with their harem. The only real success I've had is with an almost dead female wren. Not quite the same. Today I spied them flitting though and grabbed my 300 zoom lens as I dashed outside.
Here are my photos:
I swear he was there when I pressed the button. They are so quick!
Ah, there he is, see? That blue blur. Now if only I could sort out this manual focus before he disappears again...

...This is how it usually goes and I end up with a bunch of useless photos.

And then a miracle happened. He popped up on top of the bush right in front of me, and showed off is plumage in the sun.
See how handsome he is?!
Oh yes, you're handsome from that angle, too.

And then he was gone.


  1. Fabulous shots, Esther ... I 'shot' some ducks today, which I'm thinking was a lot easier than catching this little beauty. :)

  2. Oh I swear he was posing for you there, and just made sure you got both sides so you caught his best angle! LOL Probably had enough of playing with your mind and thought to put you out of your misery more like it! Fabulous shots.

  3. Esther, this is just beautiful! Would you mind if I had a go at painting him?

  4. Hi Esther,
    Could you please get in touch with me about this photo (the third one?)
    This is my facebook page, fb is probably the best way to contact me so that you know I am not an email harvesting robot :/


    I sent you a comment about this previously asking if I could pretty please paint this photo... not sure if you got it.

    I see you havent been active on your blog for a while, so I hope this reaches you.
    Thankyou very much
    Jodie NSW

  5. whoops, I meant the fourth (last) one


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