Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some things to make you drool

My sister kindly gave my husband and I vouchers for a "Chocoholic Tour" of the city for Christmas. It is actually a cunning plot on her behalf to get us to come to visit. It works! We finally booked our tour for this morning.
The tour not only included delicious chocolate...

...that we enjoyed with coffee and hot... (can you guess?)... chocolate (are you drooling yet)...

.. but we enjoyed it in some of the most beautiful settings in the city!
We learned interesting snippets about the history of the architecture (and a few juicy tidbits). We spent some time in an arcade that is my favorite part of the city. So much to photograph there. I was even tempted to take a macro shot of a pot plant but thought better of it - only to find myself surrounded by people with DSLRs taking photos of potplants and ceilings and floors and us. So I went ahead and pretended I was part of the photography class, too :)
So that was my morning. Doesn't get much better than that, does it?
But wait...
For digi-scrappers I have more... (well, yes this is a plug, but in digital scrapbooking land it can get quite confusing following designers from one store to another and I've been excited to see so many new designers joining the twolittlepixels crew).
New designers to twolittlepxiels this weekend ... A-liya, Siamese Studio, Blue Flower Art, SAS Designs, EljjDorado Design, Maue Designs, AnjaJ Designs, and Avdesigns. Check out this week's twolittlepixels newsletter to see a selection of their products. Gorgeous!!


  1. Wow, fun stuff! So where's the pic of the potted plant?

  2. What a fun thing to do ... and don't worry about the photography thing! You would be surprised at how much other people just don't care! ;) And yes, where's the pic of the potted plant/ :)

  3. Well, I must confess I still couldn't bring myself to photograph the pot plant... just the floor and walls and ceiling!!

  4. Fantstic! What great photographs and the chocolate, OMG, I would be in heaven.


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