Monday, April 26, 2010

My 2009 Blurb book arrived

I've been doing a Photo-A-Day this year. I'm making an album with one photo per page. It was working so well I decided to go back to 2009 and do the same with whatever photos I took that year. I went with Blurb because most of the other printers are limited to 100 or so pages. I struggled to limit my book to 160 pages. Blurb will print up to 440 pages, but that is with thinner, poorer quality paper.

The wrap around cover looks great:

The pages are fine, but lack a crisp black compared to Shutterfly and Momento books that I've printed previously.

This is how thick 160 pages looks:

It was fine. They will print up to 440 pages but only in their thinner paper. I'm not sure how thick such a book would be, but that's how many pages I expect my 2010 album to have!

And here's the spine. The last thing I looked at when my book arrived. The thing I obviously forgot to check before sending for print!!!

Oh well!

Some observations (that I've added in response to Katrina's comment below):
I did "Standard landscape" which is 8 1/4"x10" (actual page image sizes are 9.6" x 8.2"). The trim guides and bleed areas are very clearly indicated and it was accurately trimmed. When you mouse over the photo area it pops up the exact pixel dimensions which is great. I was able to assemble all of my pages in a folder (named with the date - mm dd.jpg) and ran an automatic import into the book. So quick! The software was VERY easy to use. The dust cover was trimmed about 2mm (1/8") shorter than the book - and that is not right!

So, if you're doing a photo-a-day, what are you going to do with them?!
Has anyone printed a book thicker than 160 pages?!



  1. Whoops! =) But wow, that must be so awesome to see your year like that. I've never been able to afford more than 20 or so pages (at Shutterfly, though--haven't priced Blurb!). Very very cool!

  2. The pages were only 50c each. The most significant cost is in the cover and postage!

  3. Esther this looks amazing! I love the one photo per page idea! I wish I could hold it :)

    Intrigued by Blurb, I need to use them!

    What were the book's dimensions?

  4. Love how it turned out Esther! Beautiful :)

  5. hey I have - but a different style. I use the 7x7 soft back and did my 300+ pages for my POTD last year :) I love it. I love your cover, you clever girl you!

    of course somebody told me there is a difference between blurb europe and Blurb USA {yours was from?} so I now no longer say how much I love the paper or pages. In the shutterfly/blurb comparison in my house nobody can tell the difference. Not that they get much chance - blurb is like £5 to ship to my house, Shutterfly is £25!!!
    You can leave the grid of safe/not so safe/not safe at all viewable all the time and alter the layouts of pages that arent full bleed. plus use every font you have on your computer and not a standard set font. I do like them, I love them for making my memories affordable {every three months I make a scrapbook} and the one time I DID have an issue with them, they reprinted and sent it super fast.
    Now, is this the longest comment ever? ;)


  6. Esther- you are the BEST! I love your book, since I've never done one, I don't have any basis to compare some of the things you mentioned. I do plan on doing some books in the near future, so I'll definitely try to take all of your experiences & make a good decision. TFS!

  7. Oh Esther, it looks wonderful. Only you would be noticing the crisp black wouldn't you? I bet A and the girls haven't noticed. The important thing is that you have your memories printed. You must feel such a sense of achievement with this, and a sense of excitement as to how 2010 will turn out.

    And I would think the spine was code for "Oh 09" ! LOL

  8. That book is just fantastic!

  9. Wow...It looks so cool! I like the clean style you used for the pages. What a great keepsake. :)

  10. Are you ever going to come back and post again? hint hint.

  11. OH, COOL! I look forward to doing one this year! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I am so inspired to do my POTD book through Blurb, Esther! Your book is a delight . . . I love the manner in which you set your photos on the page with the dates below. Thanks for posting! :)


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