Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rain, rain, go away...

Well, what a La Niña we are having!! Here is what has happened at our house:
the overnight rain (and there has been more...)

my youngest daughter's bedroom floor (she had to sleep in her sister's room last night)

the garage ceiling (I had to drill a hole in it to let the water out)

In the 20 years we have lived in our house we have not had such a problem. It seems that the company that installed our solar electricity panels drilled through the roof in inappropriate places and this is the consequence!
Meanwhile the rain continues... The forecast is not good for our nation's capital. Canberra is predicted to get half its yearly rainfall in the next few days. 
Let's hope it does not eventuate!


  1. Oh...that is so frustrating for you.

  2. I wonder how you are faring today, raining big time tonight.

  3. Oh no! How grim is this ... Hoping things are improving for you.

  4. Hope that you can sort out the roof leakage problems. Was wondering how you were going. Hope you get some relief from the rain.

  5. Oh Esther, I hope that things arranged) for you! And as well as the company did what's necessary to repair everything. Good luck!! Hugs


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