Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Photo A Day project - and the weird responses!

I am continuing with my Photo-A-Day project again this year. Actually it is a "Photo-A-Day (more or less)" project. It is often referred to as a "365 Project" but there is a little conundrum next year as it is a leap year it will become be a "366 Project"!
My daughters have become used to my camera appearing at awkward moments. They explain to their friends that I take a photo every day; making it sound like I have some some incurable disease!
Of course there are also very amusing comments from helpful members of the public...
Yesterday a family of ducks wandered into the school yard. We had to call wildlife rescue. I tried to get in close to capture their cute faces.

A helpful colleague kept suggesting I move away and photograph them from above. Can you imagine this shot taken from above? It would just not be the same!

Today I was in the supermarket whilst there was a torrential downpour outside (1" in a matter of minutes). I emerged to see the most amazing double rainbow. Luckily I always carry my point and shoot camera in my bag. There was a young trolley attendant nearby. He asked whether I could get the whole rainbow with just 10 megapixels. My mind went into spasms wondering how to respond:
a) ask what made him think my camera was 10 megapixels
b) explain that my camera was old and only 5 megapixels
c) explain that I was taking a panorama and would merge it in photoshop, or
d) mention that the field of view was nothing to do with megapixels and all to do with the lens...

I just said "oh yes".

He replied helpfully that there was a 15 megapixel camera on sale for $300 the other day.
That raised another whole series of questions in my mind.

I just said "oh really?"

But it got the better of me and I said
"I have a 19 megapixel camera at home but it's too big to fit in my bag."

He said no more!


  1. The photo of ducks is magnificent! That they are cute! And from above, that would not have the been similar!! The photo of the rainbow also is very beautiful! I like the color of the big sky darkened with this bright rainbow. And many persons believe that it is the number of megapixels that makes the beautiful photos but we know that it is not true!
    And I always have my camera in my bag too and the friends of my children often take me for a lunatic because I photograph everything and anything!

  2. That photo of the ducks is perfect! Know what you mean about answering questions like that. Sometimes it is way easier just to give the simple response. ;-)

  3. Love the conversation with the poor hapless fellow.

    As for the ducks I'm still giggling over that little one that is facing the other way. I wonder if he's telling the others what to do, probably saying "don't look now, there's a crazy lady with the camera to your left, just pretend she's not there and she'll go away"

    bwah ha ha ha ha quack quack.

  4. An absolutely stunning photo - you could win prizes with that!

  5. Well I have to say if ya hadn't of been sprawled out on the ground getting the duckies in the first place ya just wouldn't have got that awesome shot...

    And yeah get used to the "dumb ass" questions... or come up with a really really good one liner...

    And NO the ducks would NOT have been better from above... not in a million years...ya would have missed all those beautiful catch lights in all the little darlings eyes! and yeah that duckling probably is the alpha duck! can ya hear the little bugger now?


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