Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good design and inspiration

When I first started scrapping, I could a photo or two I wanted to scrap and some pretty paper to match but then I was paralysed! So I approached it like a research project and spent countless hours
  • reading tutorials on balance (rule of thirds, white space, visual triangles), contrast, emphasis and repetition, leading the eye, focal points
  • analysing two page design techniques
  • collecting every page map by Becky Fleck
  • storing every page I saw online that was inspiring
But after all of that I found that the most motivating and practical way to learn was to join online challenges. In early 2007 I discovered an Ad Inspiration challenge at twopeasinabucket organised by Paula Gilarde. Paula has a gift for choosing Ads that are great examples of good design. Almost every week for the following 3 years I created a page based on one of the Ads she chose... then Paula took a well deserved break...
Now Paula has resumed her Ad Inspiration Challenge from her blog and last week she tempted me with this double page Ad:
Here is my take:
Credits here.
As usual, Paula's choice of Ad had just the right balance of contrast and repetition.
Some of my all-time favorite pages are from Paula's inspirational choices.
I hope you'll join me in one of Paula's Ad Inspiration Challenges!


  1. What a fabulous page, Esther ... your photos are stunnning! :)

  2. As I told you before, it's fabulous Esther :) It really makes me smile that you got so much out of the ad challenge. Many of my favorite layouts came from the ad challenge also. And my other favorite part? Getting to "meet" wonderful friends. :)

  3. You really did yourself proud with the ad challenge. Absolutely sensational.


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