Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Photos

My old albums have been languishing in cupboards. The photos have slowly been going yellow, or green, or blue.. whatever!
I always wondered if I was a bit silly keeping my negatives, but I did. And now I've spent months scanning them all and am in the process of naming them. Which means I have to revisit those old photos - and hope that I wrote something about each one on the back!
This has become all consuming! I've revisited so many great times. I've dug out diaries and newspaper clippings and souvenirs and letters which I am now trying to put together (more about what I'm doing in a later post).
But for now, here is a beautiful shot of waterlilies from a trip to Darwin in 1985:
  • the original photo in my album
  • the scanned negative, edited in photoshop

What a fun journey of re-discovery this is!


  1. Holy cow! That's amazing! What a difference...

  2. How incredible! You've done a magic job on the editing. Must say though, there's so many people using those apps to make their today photos look like your first one. Funny isn't it? You are the master of this.


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