Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taking a photo every day

I've had the luxury of being on holidays for the past few weeks. I have achieved almost nothing in that time; the house is still a mess, I haven't completed a single project, we haven't even gone away! However I have been having fun trying out a few new things with my camera and participating in the Designer Digitals Photo-a-Day group on Flickr. I've certainly found that a lot of settings I understood but had to think about have now become more automatic.
I've placed a slideshow of the photos I've taken so far on my sidebar.
So the next quandary is what to do with these photos. I'd like to print them. The possibilities range from
  • print a photo book with each photo on a singe page (but 365 is too many pages!)
  • combining a week's worth of photos into a digital template (but that seems to cause people a bit of burnout)
  • combining a month's worth on a double page spread (but the photos end up a bit small)
I've gone for the third option because I don't have a lot of spare time during the school year. I've designed a template to use. I made the photo spaces portrait shaped rather than square because it seems to fit more of each photo without too much cropping.
Here is my template half completed for January. I've numbered the days going down the columns - what do you think about that?! Usually calendars number each row, but they have 7 in a row and this template has 8!

I'd be happy to share that template if anyone can tell me how to do that!


  1. Oh Esther, do you even know how absolutely fantabulous these photos are? My goodness you are loving that lens! From the people shots, and yes I love the cricket one (even though I hate cricket) what a great capture that is, the whirring of the fan, the blowing out the candles, it's all amazing, and sharp and the colour, wow. I'm blown away.

    Well actually I shouldn't be blown away because you are a brilliant photographer, but I still can be can't I? It's seeing them all in the one place like this, what a treat.

  2. This is great, Esther! Good to hear you are enjoying the holiday. I cannot see any more Eiffel Tower from the French spider in your photos so obviously your house may be messy in your terms but you have dusted! LOL


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